2015 New Year resolutions


Hi, everyone! It’s Sebastián again. Yes, it’s been a long time that I don’t post here, but there has been a lot of changes in my life. I’ve got a new job, being hired by PepsiCo via Adecco. Now, I’ll be a true food chemist, along with my life as a multilingual guy. I’ll talk about my job later, and how I manage my time to study. Because now, my fellow language lovers, I’m going to tell you my New Year resolution.

2014 was a sensational year: I’ve been certificated in Russian and Chinese, I took Farsi and Georgian, as well as the fact that I started to study Turkish and SerboCroatian. But I pretend to do it even better in 2015. So, I set myself these goals:

  • To start with German, Irish Gaelic and Latin. German is an owed language that I want to study so bad due to its importance, and I have no doubts it’s going to be easy for me, as I speak already English and Dutch and I’ve just certificate a case-full language, as Russian. Irish has also an overwhelming culture backing it, and as I love celtic music, I’ve felt pumped up and eager to study it. While for Latin, except Romanian, I’ve been studying all the majour Romance language. I have to go back to the roots. I know I’ll have fun with this ancient language, and at the same time, I’ll probably be able to grab it in a short time, as the cases are not longer a problem for me.
  • To take five certification tests. In these recent times, I’ve felt the urge to prove the world that I officially speak my language in a functional level (for me, B2 is a quite good level to prove I’m a fluent speaker), and I know that in a future, those documents will be useful. Screw percentages of mastering, I want to take the following tests: CAE or First Certificate (English B2-C1), KER Progresanta Ekzameno (Esperanto C1), CELI Livello 3-4 (Italian B2-C1), Diploma intermêdio/avançado de português como língua estrangeira (Portuguese B2-C1), and DELF (French B1-B2).
  • To continue learning Farsi and Georgian.
  • To improve my Turkish, SerboCroatian, Hebrew and Dutch.

I will stay you tuned, so you can follow my progresses while fulfilling all of these resolutions

Please, do share you resolutions. I want to know what are you aspirations for this beginning year.